Mike Zito w/Jeremiah Johnson

Downtown Bluesclub , Otto-Wels-Str. 2, 22303 , Hamburg, Germany

Mike Zito - First Class Life Tour with Special Guest Jeremiah Johnson http://www.eventcenter-hamburg.de/2018/06/18/mike-zito/ mikezito.com jeremiahjohnsonband.com

Mike Zito is on tour in 2019 - on FIRST CLASS LIFE TOUR! As a blues rock artist you have to do a kind of tightrope dance. Mike Zito is a true master in that. During his two-decade career, the Texas-based bandleader has long since proven he can rock it off - for example, on his acclaimed studio album Make Blues Not War of 2016. But his fascination with the blues keeps catching him up. With his latest work, First Class Life, he deepens his lifelong love affair with the only genre that provides the perfect setting for his true stories of human suffering and salvation. "The sounds on Make Blues Not War were quite extreme and rocking, "he reflects. "This time I had a real blues plate in front of me."Since his debut Blue Room in 1997, the mid-forties have been able to climb some musical peaks, for example with the autobiographical masterpiece Greyhound from 2011. As co-founder of Royal Southern Brotherhood, he was instrumental in the global success of this US supergroup. With the excellent solo albums of recent years - including Gone To Texas (2013), Keep Coming Back (2015) and Make Blues Not War (2016) - he was able to achieve more and more success.With the uphill curve of his advancing career, Mike Zito is writing at least as exciting a story. In First Class Life it is for him not only about the recent setbacks and triumphs. The new album also points to the future, where more, even higher peaks are. "This album is the next step," he says. "The world should know that I can play this music convincingly and stylishly." If you want to convince yourself live it should not hesitate long to experience a real Ausnahmeartler in 2019.But Mike is not alone, as a special guest Jeremiah Johnson will play a complete set! Jeremiah Johnson has worked hard to develop his reputation. During his two-decade career, there were always fights and scars - not to mention the loneliness of a life on tour. But the hard road has shaped him as an artist and finally led to Straitjacket : The unvarnished masterpiece brings it straight to the point. "This album is real American rock 'n' blues with Southern soul," says Johnson. "I just close my eyes and feel the music flowing through me ..."Few are better qualified to comment on America's modern melting pot of people, cultures and music genres.A Blues - Rock - Power combo that promises, in the truest sense of the word, a stunning evening!