New Single available April 26th, 2024


New Single available April 26th, 2024




PLAYING WO-WO by Jeremiah Johnson - DistroKid

Sometimes it’s all about straight ahead Rock n Roll and this is truly the case with Jeremiah Johnson’s new single, Playing Wo-Wo. From the first note to the last, Johnson and the band are bringing the heat with an infectious guitar riff that keeps the pedal to the floor. The lyrics tell the story of a musician whose job is to get the crowd in a good mood and celebrating life. The song is based on Johnson’s son’s way of describing what his dad does to make a living!

“Since he began to talk, my 4-year-old son has been saying, “Daddy playing wo-wo tonight?”, every time I am loading the guitars in the van. I just had to make a song that captured his way of describing what I do. Some day when I am long since passed, I hope he plays this for his children.” - Jeremiah Johnson

Playing Wo-Wo has a straight-ahead driving drumbeat, provided by Kyle Ray on the kit and a slamming bass line by thunder fingers, Jeff Girardier. The guitars are smoking through the entire track, with a solo that shows Johnson’s heavy Billy Gibbons influences. This song gives you a good idea of what it’s like to see this band live! You’re going to want to put this one on repeat! Just like the lyrics say, “Crank up that volume and break off that knob!”

Named one of the 75 Modern Blues & Blues Rock Artists You Must Hear 2021” - Martine Ehrenclou

Rock & Blues Muse

Available now worldwide, “Unemployed Highly Annoyed” by Jeremiah Johnson on Ruf Records! 

Recently nominated for a 2022 Blues Music Award (BMA), in the “Blues Rock Album” category! 

We want to thank The Blues Foundation for the nomination and hope the music fans worldwide at least give this record a full listen through. Recorded and produced in St. Louis MO at Blue Lotus Studios, “Unemployed Highly Annoyed” is a powerfully written Blues-Rock album that was born in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thanks for considering a vote for Jeremiah Johnson and his team who put this record together. 

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Jeremiah Johnson

Unemployed Highly Annoyed - Best "Blues Rock Album"

Thank you for the Nomination!
Absolutely % caught off guard on this one! I am extremely thankful and excited to receive my first nomination for a BMA! I would encourage everyone to join The Blues Foundation and vote! There is a long list of people I would like to thank and plenty of time for that later. Until then...!
Blues Rock Album (Unemployed Highly Annoyed)
Recorded and produced at St. Louis’ home of the blues Blue Lotus 
Thank you to the Blues Foundation and music lovers!
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One of the hottest prospects on the blues scene over the last decade.” - Rock & Blues Muse - December 2020

Rock & Blues Muse

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