Unemployed Highly Annoyed - Lyrics

Track #1 Burn Down the Garden – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

Never surrender, you got a Rise when you fall 

We’re gonna take down this mountain after all 

They never said it be easy, many a plan astray 

The faded dreams of the broken hearted, have all been turned away 

Seems like the whole worlds’ breaking down 

Have a little faith, things will come around 

Feeling cold and lonely, stare death in the face 

Cutting through the wind, like the wings of an angle, forever sail away 

Don’t put the nails in the coffin, let’s build a better day 

And use that wood for some good and not leave it up to fate 

Burn down the Garden and sow some seeds of love 

Track #2 Muddy Black Water – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

Life is such a struggle just to get by 

Always did what I had to do to man up 

There comes a time to drop the tough guy 

I don’t need your pity, but I won’t lie 

Now I deeper than I’ve ever been 

Life has given me a sucker punch body blow 

I wanna blame it on the weatherman 

You can’t rest on your laurels when the roof comes caving in 

The blue in the sky turns to grey 

Watch the riverbanks wash away 

Thunder beating down on my parade 

Help me if you can, reach down and pull from that muddy black water 

Blinded by illusions of the promise land 

Pray a little harder, got to have faith 

A con-man’s castle on a bed of sand 

Suckers get in line with the other fools 

Track #3 Cherry Red Wine – written by Luther Allison 

Watching you babe 

Watching you all the time 

Watching you baby 

Just watching you all the time 

Watching you destroy yourself woman 

All you do is sit around drinking wine 

You worry me babe 

I'm sitting here wondering what in the world can I do 

Worry me babe 

I'm sitting wondering what in the world can I do 

We've got so much to live for darling 

But I just can't sit here doing nothing and watching that wine destroy you 

I'm taking you to the doctor darling 

Maybe the doctor knows what's going on in your head 

Yeah I'm taking you to the doctor darling 

Maybe he knows what's going on in your head 

You're gonna keep on drinking that bad wine baby 

Even the grass that grows on your grave will be cherry red 

Track #4 Daddy’s Going Out Tonight – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

Some people like to take their chances, some like to roll the bones 

Some like to play it safe, locked up in their homes 

Momma don’t like to gamble 

Don’t care who’s wrong or right 

But Daddy’s going out tonight 

Some like the speed of a roller coaster, even jump out of a plane 

Some like sipping on margaritas and chilling out in the shade 

Some people like a bon-fire, and dancing near the flame 

Some can’t stand the heat and leave the fools to games 

Track #5 - Unemployed Highly Annoyed – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

Calm the hell down, Stop freaking out 

Have a little faith, In the human race 

Don’t work, Don’t leave 

don’t breathe, don’t move 

It’s full blown chaos, it’s doom and gloom 

Put it on lock down, we’re on the brink 

Do what your told and don’t even think 

You can’t call if freedom if you don’t have a choice 

Unemployed and highly annoyed 

Don’t touch, don’t grab, 

Don’t hug, don’t kiss 

It’s a money grab, who’s on the list 

You better wash your hands and don’t touch your face 

You better get in line to get in this place 

Rona’ Rona’ why you buggin’ 

Track # 6 Different Plan for Me – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

I’ve been locked up too long 

I can’t believe 

Take a look at my bank account 

Lord it’s a damn shame it’s all gone 

Almost homeless baby 

Broke as a bluesman can be

I thought I had it all figured out 

And everything goes south 

Somebody, had a different plan for me 

I’ve been laying low at home 

Bouncing my baby boy on my knee 

He’s my little man child 

Man it’s such a beautiful thing 

And I got my lovely woman’s with me too 

And the dog sleeping at the door 

You know even though I ain’t making no money 

I am making life long loving memories 

Somebody, had a different plan for me 

You know I try to have faith 

People dying every day 

Over a 100 thousand people gone no 

And I still can’t pay my bills 

Bank don’t take prayers for payment 

It’s the unemployment line for me 

Somehow, we gonna get through people 

With a different plan for you and me 

Track #7 Love and Sympathy – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

Sometimes I wonder how we got this way 

Fighting and nagging over such petty things 

We came from a place of love through and though 

Now you think your smarter than me and I know I’m smarter than you 

We need loving and sympathy 

I know the moneys tight and hope seems gone 

We’ve been doing all we can to get by and hold on 

It’s all too easy, to hand off that pain 

Pushing out instead of in, looking for someone to blame 

You miss your family; I miss mine too 

Sometimes you need to get away and cut loose 

Anger and frustration keeps creeping in 

Patients wearing thin 

Hard times,  made us strong 

Hold me close It won’t be long 

I believe in you, you believe in me 

Let’s take that pain and set it free 

Don’t poke the fire, don’t fan the flames 

Let our love run through our veins 

Track #8 Rock and Roll Music for the Soul – written by Jeremiah Johnson 

I need to feel that kick drum 

Pounding on my chest 

Get my motor running 

Till that ain’t nothing left 

Crank it up 

Make it Loud 

And turn this mother out 

Rock n Roll for the Soul 

You gotta let it out 

I need to hear that Guitar 

Screaming in my face 

Get up off your chair 

And dance about the place 

I need to feel that bass 

Thumping like a beast 

Working that groove 

Jammin to the beat 

I need ten thousand people 

Screaming from the stands 

Singing every word 

Rocking to the band